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Service Commitments (The details are subject to contract.)

First, our company provides warranty for all equipment produced by Rentian and tracking maintenance service after the warranty period.

Second, our company implements the after-sales service response system.We will give a prompt  answer and immediateattention after receiving a phonecall or notification by telex about the user's equipment failure. ( There are service staffs on duty on Weekends, Labor Day, National Day, Spring Festival and other national legal holidays.)

  • 365 x 24 after-sales service

    365 days, 24 hours exclusive hotline; 40 maintenance experts nationwide respond to your needs.

  • Technical Service

    Production Technology Planning
    Equipment Layout Design
    Customized Product Design
    Production Line Update

  • Customer Service

    Site Service
    Online Consulting
    Operation Training
    Technical Support

Focus on Products and Concern More about Customer Experiences

We are confident to provide you a better service experience
  • Pre-sales consulting and support

    Are you worried that the purchased equipment will not be unsuitable for your required products? We will choose the right equipment based on your purchase needs;

    ——Provide individual machine’s selection solutions;

    ——Provide professional plant planning;

    ——Design production process configuration plan in advance.

  • Lifetime exclusive service (The details are subject to contract.)

    During the warranty period, we will repair and replace the parts free of charge because of the quality of equipment; if the equipment is damaged due to user’s improper operation or poor conditions in the site, the parts cost, mailing fee and travel expenses will be charged. We will provide tracking maintenance service after the warranty period before the equipment is scrapped. Parts and labor costs will be charged at cost price.

  • 24-hour standby for fast response

    Improve response speed to minimize downtime and save losses;

    ——With 24-hour telephone service, our engineers can solve 80% problems by telephone;

    ——40 engineers nationwide service, matching the nearest service according to the customer's location, go to the customer site in the first time.

  • Quick parts delivery for resuming production as soon as possible

    35 warehouses spread all over the country and 13 parts centers overseas, we can provide fast parts delivery to reduce customer’s waiting time and improve the volume of production

    ——About 2,000 different spare parts in the Spare parts warehouses, with a total value of more than 3 million;

    ——Key spare parts are produced or imported by Rentian, and some spare parts for equipment produced in 2000 are still be available.

Customer Service Hotline 027-87993151

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